What the skipper’s wife Alessandra says about him:

Gianluca takes care of his logbook, where he writes down at the end of the day, every moment he dedicates to the sea.

Every year he begins a new one, since this passion has grown inside him.
By now there is a great amount of these diaries….

Sometimes he likes leafing through them, in order to relive that experienced emotion, that holiday or that weekend. It is sufficient to browse the eyes on the words written on the paper and made indelible, so unforgettable, by the blue ink, blue like the sea….and here they are…still alive in the memory.

It is enough to get on board , just on the gang-plank, and it is immediately joy.
It is Alos’s ship owner….

Alos, a name that reminds an island……his, our Greek island…

…If you chose a day, a weekend or a short holiday on board, you might understand better than words…because ALOS…

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